Summer Camp

About Camp

Our camps allow students between the ages of 7 and 17 to pursue a coding project, or multiple, with all the help and resources they need. This is thanks to our coding environment including a teacher-to-student ratio of 3-to-1. Every single week of summer has a 4 day camp (Monday-Thursday) with an optional 5th day (Friday). Each day has a half-day (AM or PM) and full-day option.

Please either fill out the form on this page, start a chat, or call (408) 909-7717 to receive information on current availability.


    $265 MON-THU : 9AM-12PM
    +$66 FRI : 9AM-NOON


    $265 MON-THU : 1PM-4PM
    +$66 FRI : 1PM-4PM


    $480 MON-THU : 9AM-4PM
    +$90 FRI : 9AM-4PM

Project Based

Our educational environment encourages students to create unique and custom projects. We recognize that coding is more fun when students have the resources, space, and time to create something great! That is why we provide everything necessary including very knowledge-able staff, experienced teachers, and high-end technology.

Students can pick the topic based on their age! Topics include Robotics, Python, Javascript, Scratch, and much more. A popular topic is Arduino Robotics, you can see a student working with a sensor and wires here:

Don't forget about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the student or their parent is not satisfied at any time during camp, we will provide a full refund and still perform the camp!

Call us: (408) 909-7717

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