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Our Aim

Our team works to find new and innovative ways to make technology education accessible to anybody that wants it. We teach people of all ages in a meaningful, fun, way.

Our Brand

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Our People the best above the rest

Brayan Pereira Lead Engineer & Coding Teacher

Brayan's comfortable and casual interactions creates a calm environment for those around him. He always works hard to create the best experience for anyone that walks through our doors! Students and customers love his easy-going personality. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he is a great coder.
Pedro Martinez Senior Engineer & Coding Teacher

Pedro has an amazing talent at understanding and achieving end-goals. Whether he is teaching a young student how to build a new electronic gadget or solving enormous engineering problems, Pedro's optimism makes tasks look easy.
Kyle Escott Junior Engineer & Coding Teacher

Kyle loves playing video games and petting corgi dogs. As a computer scientist, Kyle also has fun tinkering with new technology and sharing them with others.
Gurvir Gill Junior Engineer & Coding Teacher

Gurvir is into big machines and robots. As a result, it is a lot of fun learning new technology with him! From Scratch to Python, he can teach it all.
Minnal Abbasi Professional Website Developer

Minnal combines good code with good design for amazing results. Her humor is sometimes dark and her sarcasm is mostly funny. But, most importantly, the websites she develops for customers are always top notch!
Avesta Sabetian General Manager & Coding Teacher

Inspired by smiling coworkers and students, Avesta likes to talk about creating new affordable access to technology services. With a bright smile of his own, he can provide energy to get developers and teachers to always be at their best.